Acanthephippium - Blume

An Indo-Malesian genus of 11 species characterized by thick and fleshy many leaved rhizomes and a lateral raceme of large and showy jug-shaped flowers. Three species are known from India, but only one - Acanthephippium bicolor Lindl occurs in Kerala, also recorded from Sri Lanka.

Acanthephippium bicolor Lindl., Bot. Reg. 20:t1730. 1835: J.D.Hook. 1890:815; Fischer in Gamble 1928:1426; Rao 1978:275; Jayaweera in Dassanayake & Fosberg 1981:145; Abraham and Vatsala 1981:272; Joseph 1982:29; Seidenfaden in Matthew 1983:1572; Joseph 1987:33.

A beautiful species with large fleshy flowers and found restricted to deep shades of montane forests.

Occurrence: Trivandrum, Palghat and Wayanad districts.

Distribution: South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka) and Sri Lanka (Type).




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