Aenhenrya - Gopalan

A monospecific genus belonging to the subtribe Goodyerinae, endemic to south India and is a new addition to the popular group of jewel orchids. Like Anoectochilus, to which this was earlier placed, Aenhenrya has a decumbent rhizome, an erect mottled leafy stem and a terminal inflorescence of unusually large, often solitary, rarely two flowers, Pollinarium of Aenhenrya is the largest known in the whole subtribe and the lip is likewise unique.

Aenhenrya rotundifolia (Blatt.)Sathish & F. Rasm., Novon 7:81.1997.

Odontochilus rotundifolius Blatt., J.Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 32:521.1928.

Anoectochilus rotundifolius (Blatt.)Balakr., J.Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 63:330.1996

Aenhenrya agastyamalayana Gopalan, J.Bombay Nat.Hist. Soc.90:271.1994(1993).

This was originally described by Blatter (1928) as Odontochilus rotundifolius based on a collection he had made in company with Prof. Hallberg from High Wavy Mountains in 1917. Balakrishnan (1966) transferred this to Anoectochilus. Gopalan (1994) proposed the new genus Aenhenrya based on his collection from Poonkulam in Tamil Nadu. The conspecificity of this with Odontochilus rotundifolius was soon proved (Sathish Kumar and Finn N Rasmussen, 1997).

Occurrence: Trivandrum and Idukki Districts.

Distribution: Regional Endemic (Kerala and Tamil Nadu (type)).




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