Aphyllorchis - Blume

An Indo-Malesio-Australasian genus of about 30 species of saprophytic orchids, Aphyllorchis is represented in India by 5 species. Only one species is known to occur in south India including Kerala.

1. Aphyllorchis montana Rchb.f., Linnaea 41:57.1876;J.D.Hook. 1890:116; Fischer in Gamble 1928:1457; Seidenfaden 1978:122.

A.prainii J.D.Hook., Fl. Brit. Ind. 6:117. 1890 and Ic. Pl. T. 2192.1894; Vajravelu and Rathakrishnan 1968:97.

Tall erect saprophytes with a bunch of vermiform roots, deeply yellowish violet inflorescence bearing straw coloured flowers with a highly variable lip.

Occurrence: Trivandrum, Palghat, Wayanad and Kannur Districts.

Distribution: Extends from India to Malesia




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