Pomatocalpa - Breda

An Indo-Malesian genus of about 35-40 speceis of epiphytic orchids , Pomatocalpa is represented in India by six species . Only one species occurs in Kerala .

1. Pomatocalpa spicata Breda , Gen. Sp. Orch. Kuhl. & Hasselt T. 15. 1827; Seidenfaden 1988: 110.& 1992: 379.

Cleisostoma mannii auct. non Rchb.f. : Fischer in Gamble 1928: 1448 .

Breda described this species based on collection by Kuhl & Hasselt. Fischer reported Cleisostoma mannii Rchb.f. from South India based on Gamble's collection from Palgonda Hills (Andhra Pradesh) made in March 1884. We studied this collection (J. S Gamble 13947 MH!). It is identical with Breda's species

Occurrence : Quilon and Palghat Districts.

Distribution : Indo-Malesia .




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